Welcome to the final event of the year!

This has been a year of hard work where our students stretched to make themselves the best they can be. I am delighted to be celebrating their many accomplishments today. Congratulation to our students for successfully completing another school year!

This year our students have had many remarkable accomplishments and have provided several inspiring events. I would like to highlight a few of the accomplishments:

  • 8 seniors graduated as recipients of the Creative Arts Diploma, with 13 total members in the program
  • 3 seniors were the recipients of the Global Studies Diploma with a total of 13 members.
  • 3 Seniors graduated as recipients of the STEAM diploma program, with 18 members in total.
  • 8 seniors graduated as members of the Scholar Society. Students who apply to the Scholars Society are chosen based on academic achievement, contributions to Brimmer, and their adherence to the Brimmer and May Code of Ethics.
  • 17 advanced placement courses were offered this year with strong enrollment in each. 114 exams were given with a total of 61 students taking them.
  • 3 students received Bronze medals in the National Spanish exam and 6 received honorable mention.
  • 2 students are members of Congressman Kennedy’s Youth Advisor Council
  • 2 juniors have earned National Merit Award status putting them in the nation’s top 3% of all collegebound students.
  • For its third straight year, The Gator placed first in Suffolk University’s Greater Boston High School Newspaper Competition for Excellence in Online Journalism. Our student writers and journalist leaders have done an outstanding job publishing well-researched, well-written articles and editorials throughout the year.
  • In addition to outstanding performances, incredible concerts, and outstanding video productions, our students also earned numerous awards for their creativity in the visual arts. This included:

8 SISAL Awards— including 2 First Places and Best in Show for the Middle School

12 Scholastic Art Awards— including 2 Gold Keys and 3 Silver Keys

And we had 6 Students published in The Marble Collection.

If you missed Brimmer’s Academy Awards, I encourage you to watch the outstanding presentations offered on our website. They are fantastic student productions.

  • Our athletes also had outstanding seasons. They represented our school with strong team spirit and high levels of good sportsmanship. The highlights include three league championships –Cross Country, Varsity Girls Soccer, and Varsity Baseball. The many awards and distinctions are proudly displayed on our website with the photos and videos that represented them at the Athletic Award Assembly.

Finally, I would like to recognize the students and families who participated in the Student Exchange Program for language immersion at the Northlands School in Argentina. Best wishes to all of you who will be traveling there in the coming weeks.

I would also like to highlight some of the Middle School accomplishments:

  • Mr. R-V and the teachers exclaimed over how impressed they were with the work our 8th graders did on their Ambassadors for Social Change project. This was the culmination of their studies in the humanities using the Facing History Curriculum that focuses on what it means to be an upstander in difficult times.
  • We are also very proud of our seventh graders who worked on a robotics project. Students in seventh grade grouped into teams and worked with Lego Mindstorms learning principles of design, coding, engineering, and programming. After learning the basics of crafting and programming simple functional robots, the teams each selected a problem to solve. Problems ranged from picking up and moving objects to being capable of navigating trails autonomously. They will be able to explore further these concepts next year through the new elective called Innovation Hour, which will be offered in our new space!
  • Our sixth graders completed the annual GreekFest celebration and competition last week. They learned what it means to be part of a democracy, and we are eager for them to explore American history and literature next year, which will culminate with their trip to D.C. in March.

This year has also been a wonderful one for our School:

  • Our annual fund to date has raised over $700,000, and the fund is still growing. This allows us to be nimble in our programming, classroom equipment, and professional development. As a result, our faculty is able to explore a number of professional development opportunities this summer. Thank you for your support!
  • We completed the School’s Strategic Priorities for 2013 and Beyond. Tuesday night we announced the Hastings Family Challenge — a $400,000 dollar-for-dollar match. This resulted in 150 new gifts and pledges that were matched in 30 days, meaning $800,000 for Brimmer! Thank you, Hastings Family!

The Campaign for Brimmer: Realizing the Vision is officially complete! You probably remember that the Campaign goal was $7.5 million for the new 2-story addition that will house a new entry, lobby, dining commons, innovation space, maker space, new classrooms, a college counseling suite, new offices and an endowment for Faculty Innovation. We have surpassed that original goal and have raised $8.1 million for our School. This puts our school at the forefront of innovative programming. Thank you so much for your generosity.

Finally, I would like to highlight our theme for this year “Building the Future.” Our amazing new addition will provide space that will inform how we bring our students into their future. In a recent article titled “Why Can’t Schools be More Like Makerspaces?” the author writes, “Makerspaces support invention, design, artistic creativity, programming, hacking, and tinkering. The maker culture emphasizes informal, networked, peer-led, and shared learning motivated by fun and self-fulfillment. This is an optimal model for school.” In September, you will see first hand how a makerspace facility and culture will inform the future at Brimmer.

Once again, I wish to congratulate all of our students on working toward achieving their personal best and for reaching for excellence throughout the year. Your hard work has been noticed, and we are proud of you.